Ellnora The Guitar Festival

Welcome to the 2013 ELLNORA Guitar Festival

Mike Ross

Greetings from Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, the site of ELLNORA. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned festival fan, I hope you’ll find yourself reveling in this biennial celebration of joy, discovery, and camaraderie inspired by the reach and power of the guitar.

More than four decades ago, the extraordinary generosity of Illinois engineering alumnus Herman Krannert and his wife, Ellnora—coupled with the extraordinary creativity of architect and Illinois alumnus Max Abramovitz—brought Krannert Center into being. The impact of that gift and the creative vision behind it on thousands of lives since then has also been extraordinary and is fueled by the continuing passion and benevolence of donors, the commitment of University of Illinois leaders, the dedication of Krannert Center’s staff and performing arts faculty, the talents of students, and the work of staff members from the College of Fine + Applied Arts.

ELLNORA was born out of this uncommon history and flow of the human spirit and imagination.

Please join me in giving special thanks to all who have made this newest edition of ELLNORA possible, including our wonderful donors, festival artistic advisor and ebullient colleague David Spelman, the many prodigiously gifted artists who have come together to inspire us, and the utterly intrepid Krannert Center staff.

Long live ELLNORA!

Mike Ross

Mike Ross
Director, Krannert Center

Welcome back!

David Spelman

ELLNORA is a celebration of music and musicians from around the globe, diverse in technique and sensibility, united in their exploration of a single instrument.

We aspire to present the wisdom of beloved favorites and to showcase emerging players who are mining new possibilities. A steady companion in our lives, whether we are players or listeners, the guitar also takes us to new worlds. It embodies my own musical education and has led me on a path of discovery that has included blues, jazz, classical, and non-Western music.

Wherever you are on your journey with the guitar, you’ll find both familiar haunts and new destinations here at ELLNORA. Travel—musical travel—enriches and changes us, and those who make the trip to this festival will leave as expanded and deepened human beings.

Curating this three-day experience with Mike Ross and the Krannert Center team continues to be hugely rewarding. I’m grateful to them and to the many new and returning artists who’ve embraced this ambitious event. They’ve come long distances to share their music with us, and it’s a thrill to collaborate with them.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

David Spelman

David Spelman
Artistic Advisor, ELLNORA | The Guitar Festival
Founder and Artistic Director, New York Guitar Festival